What Every Parent Needs To Know About FIFA

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FIFA: What It Stands For and Its Impact

The acronym FIFA is derived from the initial letters of “Fédération Internationale de Football Association”. It represents the most significant governing body in football worldwide. The console game, typically referred to as ‘FIFA’ or sometimes ‘FIFA Football’, was first launched by EA Sports in 1993. Given its immense popularity among children and teenagers, many parents are keen to know more about it. In this article, we will delve into what parents need to know about FIFA Football if their child plays the game.

What is FIFA?

FIFA Football, one of the most played games worldwide, was developed by EA Sports, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. Launched in 1993, as the name suggests, it allows users to play football on their gaming consoles. With regular updates almost every year, the FIFA series has established itself firmly in the gaming community.

To provide a chronological overview:

  • “FIFA International Soccer” was released towards the end of 1993.
  • This was followed by “FIFA Soccer 95” in 1995.- “Soccer 96” and “FIFA 97” were introduced annually thereafter.
  • “FIFA 98” was launched with the subtitle “Road to World Cup”.- Subsequent releases included “FIFA 99”, “FIFA 2000”, and “FIFA 2021”.
  • The game series then adopted a format with “FIFA Football 2002” through to “FIFA Football 2005”.
  • After “FIFA 12” and “13”, “FIFA Street” was introduced, succeeded by “FIFA 14” up to “FIFA 23”.A notable aspect of “FIFA 23” is that it’s the last in the series, owing to the termination of EA Sports’ agreement with FIFA.

Is FIFA Suitable for Children?

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) categorises games like FIFA based on their content. One of these categories is ‘E’, meaning ‘Everyone’. Games with this rating may contain minimal violence or inappropriate language, making them suitable for younger audiences. FIFA has been given an ‘E’ rating, suggesting it’s appropriate for nearly all age groups.

What Age Group is FIFA Suitable For?

The ESRB considers FIFA a football simulation game. Players can develop football strategies and practise penalty shots. Recognised as a competitive game, FIFA’s ‘E’ rating makes it suitable for users aged 6 and above.

Advice for Parents about FIFA: What to Watch Out For?

Despite its immense popularity, especially among youngsters, many parents are concerned about any potential risks FIFA might pose for their child. The game’s ‘E’ rating might alleviate some worries, but there are still potential dangers with online gaming.

  • The game’s regular yearly updates can encourage buying behaviour. Each new version boasts improved features, which might tempt young players to purchase the latest edition.
  • There’s a risk of children spending hours trying to overcome challenges in the game. Repeated losses could spur an intense desire to keep playing, similar to gambling addiction. Parental control tools, such as Nutcracker, can restrict the amount of time your child spends on the game.
  • In-game chat allows communication between players, which might expose your child to inappropriate interactions or even harassment.
  • Real money transactions are possible in FIFA, so ensure your credit card details aren’t saved on the platform to prevent unintended purchases.