How to Choose Age-Appropriate Content for Kids Under 11

How to Choose Age-Appropriate Content for Kids Under 11
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Quick Summary
  • Content that can enhance young children’s cognitive skills and knowledge base can be found even on frequently used digital platforms like YouTube and Netflix.
  • When you explore the features of these platforms, you can understand each one’s unique parental control systems and keep your children safe.
  • Disney+ emerges as a good option with a lot of content that can attract children under 11.
  • On other platforms where children spend a lot of time, such as YouTube, Minecraft, and Netflix, it is possible to stay safe with mindful usage and the help of parental control systems


In today’s world, where we have various new technologies such as the Internet of Things, Industry 5.0, and artificial intelligence, it’s impossible for children to stay away from the internet. In fact, many children are introduced to the internet through online games, video content, and social media before they even start school. Thus, technology is now an integral part of the learning and development process. Consequently, consuming age-appropriate content has become more critical than ever. On our blog, you’ll find numerous suggestions to help your child adapt consciously to the digital world and to understand and guide your child. This includes the features of age-appropriate content. In this article, we will focus on children aged 7-11 and discuss how to find suitable content for them on the internet.

Understanding the Digital Environment for 7-11 Year-Olds

These days, the digital platforms where children spend time aren’t limited to just YouTube. There are numerous video streaming apps like Netflix and Disney+. Additionally, games are one of the digital environments where children enjoy spending their time. Understanding the extent to which these are suitable for younger children requires understanding these platforms. Under this heading, you’ll find the digital platforms most frequented by children.

Is YouTube Suitable for Those Under 11?

YouTube is a comprehensive video content platform where you can find content related to numerous interests. For children, it offers a range of content from entertaining animations to freely accessible educational resources. So, which of these contents are suitable for children under 11, those who have not yet completed their school age?

Educational and Entertaining Content

On YouTube, there are learning videos, science experiments, and children’s songs that both school-aged and pre-school children can enjoy.

Potential Risks

Unfortunately, like most video platforms, YouTube contains content unsuitable for school-aged children. Thus, it’s recommended that parents regularly monitor the videos their children watch and use parental controls when necessary.

YouTube Kids

YouTube also offers YouTube Kids, a version specifically designed for younger children. This platform highlights child-appropriate content and provides various control settings for parents. You can find more about this in our article titled, “How is YouTube Kids Different from YouTube?”.

Thus, we can conclude that YouTube can be suitable for children under 11 if the right content is chosen.

Is Disney+ Suitable for Those Under 11?

Disney+ is a growing and beloved streaming platform from Disney. Typically, it caters more to school-aged children than platforms like Netflix, which offer a wider range of content. Disney+ includes classic Disney films, Pixar animations, Marvel series, the Star Wars universe, and National Geographic documentaries.

Wide Content Range for Children

The platform’s significant advantage for children is its extensive range of animated content. Classic Disney animations, educational documentaries, and shows tailored for younger children are all available.

Family-friendly Content Options

Being a platform that caters primarily to children and families, Disney+ offers content that families can enjoy together, which even adults might find entertaining. However, content from series like Marvel or Star Wars might be designed for older children or adults, so parents should review the content beforehand.

Parental Control Options

Disney+ allows for the creation of user profiles and adding content restrictions to these profiles. This helps parents block access to content deemed unsuitable for their children. In this way, parents can restrict content that’s not appropriate for school-aged children.

Potential Risks

In general, we can say that Disney+ is suitable for school-aged children. Therefore, the potential risks are fewer than other platforms. Especially if your child wants to spend time watching something, they can find content that fuels their imagination here. The parental controls offered help parents block content that might be disturbing for pre-school aged children.

Is Netflix Suitable for Those Under 11 Years Old?

Netflix, the world’s most popular series/film streaming platform, provides content suitable not just for adults but also for children and families. At this point, it becomes essential to distinguish content for school-aged children and evaluate your child’s choices.

Content Tailored for Children

Under Netflix’s “Children and Family” category, animations, cartoons, and family films are appropriate for young viewers, including children and teenagers. The platform also offers educational content suitable for children’s cognitive and emotional development.

Filters and Parental Control Options

With Netflix’s parental controls, it’s possible to restrict content up to a certain age. Thus, children under 11 can watch content without violence, fear, and sexual elements, suitable for their age group.You can also set up separate accounts for children and adults. You can lock specific content you watch from your account to ensure your child doesn’t see it. To prevent your child from accidentally encountering previews of unsuitable series and films, consider disabling the preview feature.

Potential Risks

With the right filtering and usage frequency, children under 11 can have an enjoyable time on Netflix. However, it’s crucial for parents to adjust Netflix’s filtering option suitable for 11-year-olds. Screen time can be another potential risk.Nutcracker; On streaming platforms like Disney+ and Netflix, you can set both content and screen time limits. Thus, it’s possible to prevent another significant risk factor: screen addiction.

Is Minecraft Suitable for Those Under 11 Years Old?

Today, Minecraft is one of the most preferred games by school-aged children and teenagers. The game, with its three main platforms, can be played both on mobile and online. While the three-dimensional voxel graphics and the game’s blocky, childlike design might suggest that it’s suitable for young children, it has users worldwide from different age groups, including adults. Understanding the game’s features is essential to determine if Minecraft is suitable for 11-year-olds.

Enhances Creativity

The basic block structure forming Minecraft’s visual world helps children build their cities, create stories, and find ways to utilise resources effectively. It encourages creativity while improving problem-solving skills.


Minecraft allows school-aged children, including those under 11, to acquire knowledge in various fields through gameplay. It offers educational experiences on subjects like maths, science, and history.

Online Gaming Option and Potential Risks

Minecraft can be played in an online multiplayer mode. This mode brings potential risks for children. Interaction with other players can lead to risks like cyberbullying and inappropriate messaging. Especially for children under 11, it may be necessary to monitor whom they play with and the kind of communication they engage in.

Overall, Minecraft can provide both a fun and educational experience for children under 11. However, it’s essential for parents to be cautious about in-game interactions and monitor whom their children play with to ensure digital safety.

How Can I Determine If a Website is Suitable for My Child?

  • It may not always be easy to check which websites your child can access through internet referrals like ads. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep your child safe online is through parental controls.
  • Nutcracker is a top aide for all parents who value digital safety and wish to track their children’s online activities. Even if you discuss safety precautions and things to be aware of with your child, younger children may not always anticipate risks correctly. Nutcracker lists websites unsuitable for children aged 7-11 and promotes the positive online content. It also shows you the websites your child has accessed, allowing you to track your child’s digital footprint even when you’re not around. Check out our product now >>
  • Inspect the websites your child visits and seek professional opinions for content you find suspicious.
  • Evaluate whether the website is rich in educational content. Consider blocking or limiting sites containing information beyond your child’s comprehension.
  • Check if the website has privacy settings that prevent children from sharing personal information.
  • Review whether the website allows interaction with anonymous users.
  • Child-friendly websites typically offer age-appropriate ads. Stay away from sites with aggressive or irrelevant adverts.